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It's simple. We care about the quality of our product so much that we passed up an opportunity to put a fancy coffee roaster in the front of the store, opting instead for a roaster that looks like it was made in someone's garage. Actually, it was originally made in someone's garage; a man named Mike Sivetz, an MIT alumnus that has spent over 50 years in the coffee business perfecting coffee roasting techniques.

Plus, we do it because we love it! Our collective interest in coffee, our desire to provide comfort to our customers, our dedication to quality and our expressed desire to provide a safe haven to the community, drives us forward. In fact, if you have not looked us up before, you won't know that this website is new, finally coming to fruition after nearly ten years. Our focus has not been expanding our profit base, but to attend to the day-to-day operations of the storefront.

Only now, after an increasing demand from our customers, have we found an opportunity to expand Raging Sage into the online community. In addition to coffee, in the future we will be offering other coffee-related products. Now you can order our beans online (see 'buyBuy it'), and let your friends use their suitcases to transport their own belongings, instead of your beans!

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