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Raging Sage is a locally owned business dedicated to providing the experience that comes with the enjoyment of coffee of the highest quality. We also have a unique, high quality selection of teas; and a remarkable reputation for our baked goods, made right on the premises and sold fresh. Have you ever called your favorite cafe and asked them what's hot and just out of the oven? Our customers do it all the time. It is customers with such devotion and high standards that make Raging Sage the success that it is and helps us continue our commitment to quality.

Beans are purchased green from our buyer in San Francisco who travels personally to coffee farms around the world and selects the highest quality beans. Small samples are taken from each bag, individually roasted in 1/8 pound (approx.) batches and taste- tested by Shelby, Roastmaster and Buyer for Raging Sage. Shelby orders the coffee beans one bag at a time, ensuring the highest quality and a varied selection for our customers (and us!).

Our beans are roasted in small batches to temperatures that bring out the best taste for each variety of coffee. Not unlike wine, coffee is a crop that is wholly dependent on weather, and can yield different flavors depending on environmental conditions and farming techniques. These factors are all carefully considered before roasting. Our unique coffee roasting process guarantees that the bean is roasted throughout, not simply caramelized on the outside for a roasted appearance. Most coffee roasters use methods that do not fully roast the beans, leaving bitter flavors behind and undeveloped flavors in the bean.

After being properly stored (see 'Caring for the Bean'), our coffee is used fresh at the store, packaged and put on display inside the store, delivered to wholesale customers in town, or quickly shipped to customers all over the United States. When working with our wholesale clients in Tucson, we prepare proprietary blends that partner well with items such as food, giving their clients a cohesive, balanced offering. Our blends have won first place in nearly every competition since our opening. In fact, Raging Sage has won nearly every top coffee prize in Tucson since it's inception in 1998, including best cafe, best espresso, and best blend.


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