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Your coffee is shipped by Priority Mail to ensure maximum freshness. Please store your coffee in an airtight container in your freezer.


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Raging Sage Blend
Raging Sage Blend is our proprietary award winning blend developed for espresso and brewed coffee in our shop. With a perfect balance of body and acidity, it continues to please. Raging Sage Blend is an ideal cup that cannot be attained by a single origin coffee.
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Monsoon Blend
Monsoon Blend is a bit more wild than our Raging Sage house blend. Monsoon has a good clean flavor, great aroma, fine body and finish.
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Full City Roast - Light

Colombian Supremo
Colombian has been recognized worldwide as having high quality and distinctive taste. When fresh roasted it has a bright acidity, is heavy in body and is intensely aromatic.
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Costa Rican (OG/FT)
Coffee from Costa Rica is characterized as bright and full bodied. We categorize this coffee as the "classic cup"; the traditional balanced, clean coffee with no defects.
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Mexican (OG/FT)
A light bodied coffee, mild with delectable flavors. Mexico is one of the largest producers of certified organic coffee and because the US neighbors Mexico, we get the finest of Mexican coffees.
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Vienna Roast - Medium

Tanzanian Peaberry
The peaberry is sorted out and sold as a premium coffee, a coffee with great potential and a truly excellent Tanzanian cup; fruity, winey, and complex.
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Ethiopian Harrar
Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee, where it originally grew wild. This coffee displays this character in its earthy, wild and winey tastes.
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French Roast - Dark

Our excellent classic Mandheling will have more body and often more of the character that makes Indonesian coffees so appealing.
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Sulawesi coffees are low-acid with great body and a deep brooding cup similar to Sumatran. Sulawesi and Sumatra have heavy body, low acidity, intense earthy chocolate flavors.
Peruvian (OG/FT)
Peru is a hugely varied land producing many different coffees. Good organic crops have a more "rustic" character. The cup has it all: body, brightness, and good depth of flavor.
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Monsooned Malabar
Stored in open structures until the monsoon season, exposing the coffee to moist winds allows it to swell and take on a mellow yet agressive, spicy flavor.
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Decaffeinated - Dark

Our water-processed decafs are from a source other than Swiss water that gives us the best regional coffees available to create a superb quality cup.
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